Paizo Organized Play Task Forces


Additional Resources (AR) Task Force

Goals: Provide feedback to campaign leadership on sanctioning rules for both Pathfinder and Starfinder.

Chair: Alex Lenz

FAQ Task Force

Goals: Identify community issues and rules questions; present them to OPF leadership with guidance and context for clarification.

Chair: Landon Hatfield

Guide to Organized Play Task Force

Goals: Convert and maintain the Guides to Organized Play on the OPF website.

Chair: Jared Thaler

Online Integration Task Force

Goals: Collect and create tools to facilitate online play and conventions; determine best practices for online events.

Chair: Ivis Flanagan

OPF Website Task Force

Goals: Create and maintain the Organized Play Foundation website via WordPress.

Chair: Klaus Kämpfer

Program Documentation Task Force

Goals: Work closely with VO Handbook Task Force to create documentation for workflow processes (VO onboarding, convention support requests, etc)

Chair: Katrina Hennessy

Program Onboarding Task Force

Goals: Streamline onboarding new players and GMs; collect and create resources for players new to roleplaying games, Pathfinder and Starfinder, and Organized Play.

Chair: Paul Trani

Venture-Officer Handbook Task Force

Goals: Generate standardized documentation of VO processes at every level, leaving room for regions to add their own variations and guidelines.

Chair: Joseph Blomquist

Volunteer Apparel Task Force

Goals: Obtaining and distributing VO/convention volunteer t-shirts and polos for locations worldwide.

Chair: TBD

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