Paizo Organized Play Committees and Task Forces


Additional Resources

Goal: Review rules in upcoming releases for game balance and campaign suitability; make recommendations to Organized Play staff.

Current Chair: Alex Lenz

Activity Requirement: Review three books per calendar year.


Goal: Send volunteer agreements to new and existing volunteers for signature; maintain master list of all venture-officers

Current Chair: [vacant]

Activity Requirement: TBD

Current Needs: This is a new committee; we are looking for several individuals who are good with data tracking to take over these duties.

Membership Requirement: Due to the personal data these volunteers will have access to, members of this committee must be Venture-Officers in good standing for at least six months to join.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Goal: Monitor community and VO discussions for frequently asked questions about game or campaign rules; submit questions to OP staff for review, clarification, and/or referral to game designers.

Current Chair: Landon Hatfield

Activity Requirement: Active, visible participation in rules discussions to confirm skills in sifting answerable questions from those needing attention.

Guide to Organized Play

Goal: Advise Organized Play staff on updates to Guide to Organized Play for Pathfinder and Starfinder Society; maintain wiki with current guide text.

Current Chair: Jared Thaler

Activity Requirement: Average of 5 hours of work per month on various initiatives set by chair/committee members

Current Needs: Looking for volunteers with skills in web design to increase visual appeal of guide pages.


Goal: Create and/or collate reference materials for use in welcoming new players, GMs, Venture-Officers, and Organized Play lodges.

Current Chair: Paul Trani

Activity Requirement: Participate in at least two quarterly meetings annually or complete at least one submission annually.

OPF Website

Goal: Maintain Paizo Organized Play-specific subpages on OPF Website; determine pages to be transferred back to Paizo website.

Current Chair: Klaus Kämpfer

Activity Requirement: TBD

Current Needs: Looking for volunteers with skills in web design to increase the visual appeal of the website.

VO Apparel

Goal: Set up and maintain methods for VOs to obtain volunteer-specific merchandise, including polos, t-shirts, and dice.

Current Chair: Doug Edwards

Activity Requirement: TBD

Current Needs: Looking for volunteers to spearhead new product lines, including a line lead for T Shirts, alternative sources for polos ( especially based outside the US), and any new products that someone might spearhead the development of for use by VO corps.

Current Task Forces

Charity Event Guidelines

Goal: To create a set of guidelines to help organizers considering hosting an event in pursuit of charity fundraising. This includes guidelines on what rules can and cannot be bent or broken.

Chair: Katrina Hennessy

Deadline: EOY 2022

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