Paizo Organized Play Code of Conduct and Policies

Paizo Organized Play, encompassing Pathfinder Society (PFS), Starfinder Society (SFS) and Pathfinder Adventure Card Society (PACS), is an inclusive social event open to everyone, where we intend that all participants may enjoy gaming in a fun and safe environment. Participants are expected to respect their fellow players and work together to create positive and memorable experiences. While conflict between characters may arise, at no time should a player or Game Master (GM) feel excluded or threatened at the table. The Paizo Organized Play organization reserves the right to refuse participation to any person for inappropriate or illegal conduct. All refusals of participation from Organized Play must be accompanied by a reason, duration of refusal, and criteria for rejoining organized play activities.

Inappropriate conduct includes, but is not limited to: the excessive use of foul language, physical or verbal aggression/intimidation, lewd conduct, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, slander, stalking, or harassment/discrimination based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender or gender expression/identity, race, religion, sexuality, or any other reason.

Complaints under this policy should be brought to the Event Organizer or a Venture-Officer, who will work to resolve the issue or escalate the issue to the next level within the PFS organization.  As an alternative, issues may be reported to the Organized Play Manager (OPM) via email at Issues will be resolved at the lowest level possible within the Organized Play organization.  In the case that escalation is necessary, the OPM is the final arbiter of any dispute arising from application of this policy.

Illegal activity needs to be escalated to proper authorities such as convention organizers, facility security, local police, or other appropriate organizations. Event Organizers or Venture-Officers are available to assist participants with contacting local law enforcement, providing escorts, or otherwise help participants feel safe for the duration of an event.

Paizo recognizes that there may be themes included in the Organized Play campaigns that result in uncomfortable situations at the gaming table. If content within a scenario or another character at the table presents cause for concern, we request players identify the issue to the Game Master either vocally or by passing a note.  We ask that GMs help the table respect attendees’ sensibilities and reduce/redirect problematic themes once identified.  If a participant has been asked to stop any problematic behavior, they are expected to comply immediately, or will be asked to leave the table.

Once again, the intention of Paizo Organized Play is to provide a fun and inclusive gaming environment. The above policy is in place to help further that goal. By joining any Organized Play table, participants are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Paizo Organized Play.

An organized play program aimed at providing incentive rewards to players and GMs at Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society events worldwide.

Qualifying Events This program is open to all events running Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society organized play content. The category of support depends on which criteria the event fulfills.

Terminology The categories of support listed below are for internal classification of Paizo support and do not indicate naming criteria for events. Events may name themselves as they like to personalize

Charity Status Any event may qualify for charity status, provided they complete the charity section on the Event Support Request Form and the charity is a non-political, religious, or sectarian public entity.

The event must run 15+ sessions run within a period of 3 days in a non-retail, public location. The event must register on and advertise online.

Complete the Support Request Form no later than 4 weeks before the event.

All events that meet the criteria and are submitted on time will receive support. Submissions received after the deadline will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

All GMs receive their scheduled scenarios for free as PDFs added to their account. Events also receive a package of player boons, GM boon(s), and gift certificates to based on the size of the event. Gift certificates and player boons need to be distributed in an egalitarian, unbiased manner, with all attendees having a chance to win. GM boons are intended for those individuals who GM at least one session.

Qualifying events will receive special boons to be granted to those who donate to the event’s charity.  Each event may only distribute one boon for each program (one PFS(1ed), one SFS and/or one PFS(2ed)).  The distribution method is up to the organizer and may consist of a charity auction, a raffle with the proceeds benefiting the charity, or some other option.  The organizer must submit the winners’ information via the provided form.  The charity boons will be sent to the winners by the OPM.

Submissions received by the due date will have scenarios granted to GMs at least 2 weeks before the event date and reward packages sent to event organizers no later than one week out.

Venture-Captains should be aware of the event and submit paperwork to the OPM, though officers can delegate this processes as needed. The event counts towards fulfilling Venture-Officer convention lead requirements.

The event organizer needs to submit an after-action report of the event, including number of sessions broken out by campaign, number of attendees, number of new organized play numbers issued, boon dispersal methods, and any other information that would assist in planning the next event. This summary should be submitted to the provided form no later than 1 month after the event. Not submitting an event summary may lead to withdrawal of future support.

Functions as Convention Support with the following changes:

This operates as standard conventions, except retail locations are also valid

This operates as a standard convention, except no gift certificate support.

Encourage growth and support events that don’t qualify for Paizo convention support.

Any location with an associated venture-officer of any rank, from agent to regional coordinator.

Any public event at a qualifying location.

Yearly, starting in February and ending January 31 of the following year (effective 2020 dates are February 1 to January 31, 2021).

Allocated by the Regional Venture-Coordinators.

  1. Venture-Officer (VO) plans an event, either one-off or recurring, for their location.
  2. VO contacts their RVC with details of their planned event to indicate interest.
  3. RVC confirms VO status and confers with VO about implementing the program.
  4. RVC adds event to the regional support tracker.
  5. RVC sends a regional support package to VO. Package includes GM tracking cards, player boons, and a tiered GM boon.
  6. VO advertises event as Regional Support Program qualified.
  7. VO runs event(s) and provides rewards as applicable
  8. VO reports on event statistics to RVC.
  9. RVC inputs data on regional support tracker.
  10. OPM reviews data and revises program as necessary.

Players have a 10% chance per game played at an event to win a boon, which is the same rate as a player at a convention. VOs will determine the method of boon distribution for their venue, after consulting with their RVC. Some suggested methods include rolling a 19-20 on a d20, earning a token each game played with each token increasing the likelihood of receiving a boon, or entries into a raffle.

GMs earn a race boon with different levels of reward. If a GM runs 6 games at qualifying events, they earn Reward A. If they GM 12 games at qualifying locations during the program period, they earn Reward B. If they GM 24 games at qualifying events over the course of the program period, they earn Reward C.

This program is designed to encourage players to reward retail locations that are providing space for Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild players. Locations utilizing the program should advertise its presence to their clientele. We realize that each location is unique, and has an overriding right to determine what is best for their business, so participation in this program is not mandatory. In cases where the specifics of the program don’t align well with the retail’s procedures (for example, if they don’t provide receipts, or they run daily tabs), the event coordinator should work with the retailer to best approximate the intent of the policy.

Game stores and other retail locations are an important part of the Pathfinder Society community, and it’s important to support them so that they continue to provide support for Pathfinder Society play. Under this program, players can redeem receipts in exchange for modest benefits for the entire party.

Redeeming a receipt simply involves showing it to the event coordinator, who marks the receipt to denote that it was used. A player can only use a receipt in this way on the day of the purchase, and only for an event at that venue. The receipt need not include Paizo products—any products the venue sells count as qualifying purchases. Players cannot acquire or redeem receipts during their own turn or during any player’s encounter; otherwise, players can acquire and redeem receipts during play only when doing so does not significantly disrupt gameplay.

If the combined value of the receipts redeemed by players at the table exceeds $10, all of the characters at the table receive the ongoing benefit described below, and each character chooses one of the single-use benefits described below. If the combined value exceeds $50, you may use the enhanced version of the applicable benefits instead. (In countries that use currencies other than US Dollars, use approximate equivalents of $10 and $50; don’t worry too much about figuring out the exact exchange rate.) The ongoing benefit lasts for up to 5 hours, and each character may use their chosen one-time benefit once in each scenario played during those 5 hours. Characters can only receive these benefits once during any 5-hour block.

Conventions: For games taking place at conventions, players may take advantage of the Retail Incentive Program by making purchases in a convention vendor hall, artist’s alley, official convention store or similar area and showing receipts. Food and beverage purchases from restaurants, food courts or delivery services do not count, though bake sales and similar do qualify.

Harder to Kill: One time per game, reduce your dying condition value by 1. This can prevent you from dying.

Enhanced Version: For the enhanced benefit, reduce your dying condition value by 2.

Cheaper Healing: Before the end of the session, you can use the benefit to reduce the cost a single healing spell or ritual to remove a condition, affliction, or death to 90%.

Enhanced Version: You instead reduce the cost to 80%.

Recover from Wounds: Once per game, you can rest for 10 minutes to gain the result of a success on a trained DC 15 Treat Wounds.

Enhanced Version: You instead gain the result of a success on a master DC 30 Treat Wounds.

Bonus Wealth: When you roll a critical failure on a check to Earn Income, you get the results of a failure instead.

Enhanced Version: When you fail or critically fail a check to Earn Income, you earn double the base amount of money from a failure.

Harder to Kill: Treat the character’s Constitution as 5 points higher than normal for the purpose of determining when hit point damage would kill him.

Enhanced Version: For the enhanced benefit, treat the character’s Constitution as 10 higher.

Cheaper Healing: Before the end of the session, you can use the benefit to reduce the Prestige Point cost of one spellcasting service of the healing subschool by 1 (minimum 0).

Enhanced Version: You can instead reduce the cost by 2.

Recover from Wounds: The PC recovers hit points equal to twice their character level.

Enhanced Version: Each PC also recovers 2 points of ability damage to one ability score. This benefit can only be used outside of combat.

Bonus Wealth: If you do not use the subsidized healing benefit above, you can instead choose to roll twice and take the higher result when rolling a Day Job check.

Enhanced Version: You also increase the gold you earn from the day Job result by 50% (maximum 300 gp total).

The benefits gained from this program are in addition to benefits such as the Accessory Perks referred to in the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide or on the Accessory Perks page.

Harder to Kill: Reduce the number of Resolve Points required to stabilize by 1.

Enhanced Version: Reduce the number of Resolve Points required to stabilize by 2.

Cheaper Healing: Before the end of the session, you can use the benefit to reduce the Fame cost of purchases listed on the Basic Purchasing Plan boon* by 1 (minimum 0). Qualifying purchases include dispel magic, lesser restoration, make whole, remove affliction, break enchantment, greater dispel magic, restoration, regenerate, or raise dead.

Enhanced Version: Reduce the cost above the cost by 2.

*Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide page 27

Recover from Wounds: Anytime you spend a Resolve Point to regain Stamina Points through resting, you can recover 2 points of ability damage.

Enhanced Version: Increase the amount of ability damage recovered to 4.

Bonus Wealth[SA1] : If you do not use the subsidized healing benefits above, yYou can instead choose to roll twice and take the higher result when rolling a Day Job check.

Enhanced Version: You also increase the credits you earn from the Day Job result by 50%. This does not stack with other boons that apply to Day Job checks.

 The benefits gained from this program are in addition to benefits such as the Accessory Perks referred to in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide or on the Accessory Perks page.

Harder to Kill: When you reset your hand, you may treat your hand size as 1 lower.

Enhanced Version: When you reset your hand, you may treat your hand size as 2 lower.

Cheaper Boons: Add 1d6 to your check to acquire.

Enhanced Version: Add 2d6 to your check to acquire.

Recover from Wounds: Recharge a random card from your discard pile.

Enhanced Version: Recharge 2 random cards from your discard pile.

Bonus Wealth: Draw 1 card.

Enhanced Version: Draw 2 cards.

 The benefits gained from this program are in addition to benefits such as the Accessory Perks referred to in the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Guide or on the Accessory Perks page.