4.01 -> 4.02 (Aug 2nd, 2021)


  • Fixed minor errors on Azata.

Playtest Rules

  • Added Evolutionist playtest.

Additional Adventures

  • Added: When playing an adventure using a SFS character, the chronicle *must* be assigned to that character.

4.00 -> 4.01 (July 1st, 2021)

Full Guide

  • Fixed spelling error.


  • Added Azata Tiers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
  • Added ranges to starship weapons


  • Added missing change in changelog 3.00 -> 4.00
    The maximum table size has been reduced to 6. (Tables of 7 players are no longer legal. )

3.00 -> 4.00

Getting Started

  • No Rules Changes

Player Basics

Major Changes
  • Players are responsible for Downtimes
  • Pregen / GM Downtimes use the skills of the character applied to.
  • Purchased condition removal automatically succeeds
  • The maximum table size has been reduced to 6. (Tables of 7 players are no longer legal. )

Minor Changes
  • Negtive Condition removal clarified and consolidated.
  • Applying/transferring weapon fusions text added (free at HQ)

Character Creation

Minor Changes
  • Characters can pick (Named?) worlds from the Veskarium / Near Space


Minor Changes
  • Added "Boons which unlock over time" section for boons with checkboxes. Two options drafted.

Reputation Boons

Minor Changes
  • Hireling text along the lines of PFS text, re: Hirelings can only perform recall knowledge checks in combat, nothing else.

Retired Player Rewards

Minor Changes
  • Season Boons are Cumulative boons, not capstone boons.

Game Master Basics

  • No Rules Changes


Game Master Rewards

Minor Changes
  • GMs may not chose mutually exclusive rewards on chronicles.


Additonal Adventures

  • Page created to host rules for running Sanctioned Adventures
    • Sanctioned Adventures
    • Modes of Play
    • Character Types
    • Sanctioning Documents