Sanctioned Adventures

In addition to the adventures written for Starfinder Society, several of the other adventures Paizo produces have been sanctioned for society play. All of these are published for a wider audience than the Starfinder Society campaign, so such adventures often include a short, downloadable sanctioning document that details any special considerations for running the adventure for organized play, as well as Chronicle Sheets for the individual volumes.

  • Starfinder Adventure Paths: Multi-volume campaigns representing dozens of game sessions to complete. Many Adventure Paths are sanctioned for use in the Starfinder Society campaign.
  • Starfinder Adventures: Stand-alone adventure books that take one or more sessions to complete. Many Adventures are sanctioned for use in the Starfinder Society campaign.

Modes of Play

The society rules for play are customized to work with Starfinder Quests and Scenarios, and are not necessarily applicable to other sanctioned adventures. As such, SFS has 2 different modes for play:

Society Mode is used for SFS Scenarios and Quests, and adheres to all the rules published in this guide. Society mode is governed by the Run as Written provisions in Game Master Basics.

Adventure Mode is used for adventures not published for society play, and allows the GM more freedom to adapt those adventures, including running the adventure in Starfinder using GM house rules, and the ability to alter encounters and statistics found in the adventure.

Character Types

Most Starfinder Society Scenarios and Quests require the use of a SFS character or SFS sanctioned Pregen. However some come with separate sets of pregens. Most Adventure Mode sanctioned products can be played with any character, however some have pregens, and players are encouraged to play those characters for an optimal experience.

Starfinder Society Characters must be built using the rules in the Character Creation Appendix, starting at level 1, and played from there. (Some boons allow characters to start at higher levels.) Any adventure that can be played with a SFS character can also be played with a SFS Sanctioned Pregen. When playing an adventure using a SFS character, the chronicle must be assigned to that character.

Story Pregens are characters released with an adventure, and often contain ties to the adventure's backstory.

Champaign Characters are characters that are designed according to the GM's House Rules.

Table: Ruleset / Characters by product

RulesetSFS Characters OnlyStory Pregens RequiredStory Pregens Recommended*Campaign Characters
Society Mode Scenario, Quest - - -
Adventure Mode - Free RPG DayBeginner Box, One ShotAdventure, Adventure Path

* GMs who chose to use Campaign Characters instead should work with their players to tie the characters into the backstory to provide the same level of experience.

Sanctioning Documents

Each Sanctioned Adventure comes with a freely downloadable Sanctioning Document located on the product’s description page on This document contains the rules for running that adventure, as well as Chronicle Sheets awarded for completion.

GMs should read the sanctioning document carefully, as it may modify the Adventure's rewards. Specific information in a particular sanctioning document always takes precedence over the general information presented in this Guide.

Unlike Starfinder Society adventures, Chronicles for Sanctioned Adventures are assigned at the completion of the adventure.

Revised Player Rewards

Some adventures published before August 12, 2021 have since had their player rewards revised. Their sanctioning documents are in the process of being updated, but information from the Paizo Blog on the revisions, which are in effect, is reproduced below in the meantime.

  • 1 Day Job is granted by Skitter Shot, Skitter Crash, and Skitter Home
  • 3 Day Job rolls are granted by each Adventure Path volume of Dead Suns, Against the Aeon Throne, Signal of Screams, Dawn of Flame, Attack of the Swarm!, and The Threefold Conspiracy
  • 2 Faction Reputation is granted by Band on the Run

Players who played one of these adventures prior to August 12, 2021 may treat the Day Job rolls as if they earned credits equal to 10x the level at which the chronicle was applied. This applies only if the character had at least one rank in the Profession skill at the time; characters who wouldn’t have made a Day Job roll don’t earn these credits. Make a note of these credits on your most recent Chronicle Sheet along with a note explaining their source.

Sanctioning documents for adventures published after August 12, 2021 already include the correct rewards.