Player Rewards


Boons are rewards that can be applied to a character. Common types of boons include Achievement Points (AcP), Chronicle, or Faction.  Boons often have traits that describe how the boon applies. There are some boon traits that deserve specific mention:

  • Advanced:  A boon with the Advanced trait is typically more powerful than other boons.  Characters may only benefit from one advanced boon during an adventure.
  • Ally: A boon with the Ally trait sometimes places a Pawn.  This does not allow players to bypass the limits on the number of Pawns they can play.
  • Promotional: These boons reward players for promoting the society, or for exceptional contributions to the campaign. Characters may only benefit from one promotional boon during an adventure.

Unless a boon states otherwise, you can only apply one of any given boon to a character.

Promotional Boons

These boons are available, automatically, to any player who meets their requirements.

Promotional Accessory


Prerequisites Player is wearing or carrying an accessory that promotes Pathfinder Society

Up to twice per adventure, you can spend an action to reduce the severity of your frightened or stupefied condition by 1.

Special: A PC can only benefit from one promotional boon per game.

Promotional Service Award


Prerequisites Have a campaign coin, Member of the Order of the Wayfinder.

Volunteers who make exceptional contributions to Organized Play can earn campaign coins or membership in the Order of the Wayfinder as a recognition of their hard work. When you use this boon, you gain a bonus Hero Point at the beginning of the adventure. In addition to the normal powers of a Hero Point, you can spend this special Hero Point to allow another player to reroll a check.

Special: A PC can only benefit from one promotional boon per game.

Promotional Vestments


Prerequisites Player is wearing clothing that promotes Pathfinder Society, such as a volunteer shirt, a shirt for a Pathfinder Lodge, or Pathfinder-themed cosplay

When you use a Hero Point to reroll a check, add a +1 cirumstance bonus to the reroll.

Special: A PC can only benefit from one promotional boon per game.

Achievement Points

Players earn Achievement Points (AcP) by participating in and reporting Pathfinder Society games. AcP are an online currency used to purchase character boons. Currently, there are three levels of AcP events.The number of points earned depends on time involved, the event level, and the type of involvement as in the chart below. Event classifications are:

  • Standard events: games played in stores, homes, or other  locations .
  • Premier events: games played at conventions and local events designated part of the Regional Support Program. 
  • Premier Plus events: Paizo-sponsored conventions and conventions running more than 75 blocks of organized play.

Table: Typical AcP rewards.

Adventure XPPlayer / GMStandard EventPremier EventPremier+ Event
1 XP (Quests, Bounties, etc)Player111.5
4 XP (Scenarios)Player456
12 XP (Some Adventures, Adventure Path books*)Player121518

*Not all Adventures and Adventure Path books award 12 XP. See the individual sanctioning documents for details.

A list of  Achievement Points rewards available for purchase lives on the Boon tab of your My Organized Play page. To purchase a boon, select a character from the dropdown list, then click the purchase button of the desired boon. A list of purchased boons appears at the bottom of the page. Each purchased boon generates a downloadable printable boon. AcP boons should be stored with Chronicles, either digitally or alongside physical sheets. 

Retail Incentive Program

The Retail Incentive Program (RIP) rewards players with rewards for their characters when they patronize retailers who are providing space for Organized Play activities.  Purchases made at the location within a stated time frame tally by table and unlock benefits at different levels, including some that reduce the severity of failures, for the next game played.  Implementation methods vary from store to store, and are posted for attendees to review. For more information, read the full policy and consult your Event Organizer for details.

Legacy Backgrounds (legacy campaign):

Even though characters from the First Edition legacy campaign cannot transfer into the current Pathfinder Society campaign, their exploits can shape the Society’s newest adventurers. For each of the 11 seasons of the legacy campaign, a player can unlock a special legacy character background associated with that season by having completed five or more of that season’s scenarios. These backgrounds are unique to the Pathfinder Society campaign, and once they’re unlocked, a player use a legacy background for any number of characters. See Legacy Backgrounds.

Other Rewards:

Pathfinder Society Organized Play periodically releases additional prizes for special events. The most common among these are charity boons, which are in-game benefits sent to authorized charity events to help raise money for good causes. For more information on Charity Boons, ask the Event Organizer.

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