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Welcome to Pathfinder Society

  • Added link to OrgPlay Forums on Paizo

The World of Golarion

  • Added Image of Wayfinder

Community Standards and Expectations

  • No changes at this time

Player Basics

Major Changes

  • Removed rules related to Schools, Advancement speed, and Epanded Downtime.  These rules are now optional, and players can choose to engage with them or not engage with them.  As such, they are no longer "Basic" rules, and have been moved to Additional Character Options.  Characters with no school connection gain Pathfinder Society Lore as a Trained Lore, do not gain a bonus feat at 5th level, and recieve only the defaoult healing potion option for starting consumables.  Characters who do not specify an advancement speed on sign in use standard advancement speed.  Characters not using Expanded Downtime can chose to roll on the relevant table under Downtime and recieve that much gold.  If they chose not to roll, they recieve nothing. 
  • Removed rules related to Factions.  These rules are now optional, and players can choose to engage with them or not engage with them.  As such, they are no longer "Basic" rules, All rules relating to Factions and reputation have been moved to  the (renamed) Factions and Reputation Appendix (Was Reputation Boons.)
  • Added spells to Purchasing Guidelines
  • Added spellcasting services for Condition Removal to Purchasing Guidelines and added Spellcasting Serivces Cost Appendix.

Minor Changes

  • Updated "Character Options" references to point to the Character Options Document instead of the blog
  • Moved detailed rules for non society adventures to seperate Additional Adventures Appendix
  • cleaned up language on Faction Scenario Tag and on not reporting replays for no credit (under Legal Table Size)
  • Clarified the language on treasure bundles to make clear that 8 treasure bundles is the amount a scenario is expected to grant, the 9th and 10th treasure bundles are earned through luck or exceptional play.
  • Cleaned up language on Permanent Negative effects.

Character Creation

Additional Character Options

  • Page created for various optional character mechanics.  
    • Pathfinder Training
    • Advancements Speed
    • Factions and Reputation
    • Downtime

Reputation Boons

  • Renamed Factions and Reputation.

Game Master Basics

Major Changes

  • Clarified Treasure bundle language to make it clear that 8 Treasure bundles is the expected reward for most scenarios with up to two additional treasure bundles that can be aquired through luck or exceptional play.
  • Converted the treasure table chart to reduce the GM's need to do math.

Minor Changes

Additonal Adventures

  • Page created to host rules for running Sanctioned Adventures
    • Sanctioned Adventures
    • Modes of Play
    • Character Types
    • Sanctioning Documents





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