The Organized Play Foundation

Introducing the Organized Play Foundation

Strategic gaming is among humankind’s greatest inventions. Games promote critical reasoning, mathematics, logic, and the understanding of law. Cooperative games promote teamwork while competitive games stoke the juices of ambition and confidence. Multiplayer games allow people to interact with others in a shared diversion that provides release from more serious aspects of daily life.  All of these types of gaming help people develop great life skills while focusing on fun.

The Organized Play Foundation (OPF) was created to help bring together gamers.  Spanning the globe, the OPF uses volunteers to organize regions as large as countries and as small as a local game store, and to provide regular gaming opportunities for gamers in each region.

OPFs inaugural relationship is with Paizo Inc, running the Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society organized play programs.  As we take over these programs for Paizo, we are establishing systems that we can then use for other organized play programs.  If it is about bringing gamers together and giving them opportunities to play games, then we would like to be there to help organize it.

At OPF, gaming is one of the best parts of our lives, and we are here to help make it one of the best parts of yours.

Lisa Stevens
The Organized Play Foundation

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