Gen Con Volunteer F.A.Q.

The following are questions frequently asked by volunteers attending Gen Con…

When will I get my final scenario schedule?

Because ticket sales determine what tables we run, in which slots, and in what quantities, specific scenario assignments cannot be issued until sometime in late June. This will generally provide roughly a month to six weeks for GMs to prepare. It is possible the newest scenarios may be released just a few weeks prior to the convention and will be provided to volunteers as early as possible.

When will I receive my hotel confirmation?

Hotel assignments will be distributed sometime in July, after confirmations are received from the Gen Con housing department.

Is parking provided for volunteers?

No. Each attendee is responsible for their own parking arrangements. There are a number of options available including, but not limited to parking garages near the convention center, valet parking though the hotels, and remote parking throughout greater Indianapolis including out by the airport (shuttle service available). Gen Con typically provides parking options through their events catalog that include shuttle service to/from your vehicle and the convention center.

Will there be access to an electrical outlet in the Sagamore Ballroom to charge my digital devices (cell phone, iPad, laptop, etc)?

No. Due to the configuration of the Sagamore Ballroom and the multitude of tables therein, GMs will not have access to electrical outlets at or near their tables. It is not permitted to run extension cords across walk spaces. We strongly recommend that you fully charge your devices in your hotel room prior to each day’s events and use backup/external batteries whenever necessary or printed copies of all materials necessary (especially the scenario and encounter stat blocks) to complete your assigned events.

I left my convention badge in my hotel room. Do I really need it?

Yes. All player, GMs, HQ staff, etc. must wear their convention badge at all times. Gen Con security conducts regular badge checks and if you are in a location that requires a badge like the exhibit hall or in the Sagamore Ballroom they will escort you out if you do not have your badge. Failure to display your badge could result in it being revoked and event tickets forfeited, so remember to wear your badge at all times.

I was told to hold all my prize tokens until the end of the convention and turn them in at one time to increase my chances to win and avoid long lines. Is this true?

No, in fact the longer you wait to turn in your tokens, the less chance you have to win certain prizes because many are in short supply and once they are gone, they’re gone. Also we have made changes to the prize system which should reduce the wait time to redeem tokens. We recommend that if you want to avoid lines, take a quick break during your game rather than official breaks between slots when there is a larger rush on the prize station.

Can I store my game bag (or other materials) at HQ while I leave the Sagamore Ballroom?

No. Unfortunately, we do not have the space, secure or otherwise, to store gaming materials at HQ, nor do we have the staff to keep it secure. You are welcome to leave your materials at the gaming table if you are GMing again in the following slot, otherwise, please take all your materials with you when you leave the ballroom. We caution anyone from leaving valuables unattended like iPads, laptops, expensive miniatures/dice, etc. While we have never had a problem with theft, please be responsible with your property. If you have large  rolling game boxes, duffle bags, etc. please place them under the gaming table and keep the isles clear for foot traffic.

Should I check in with my marshal when I report to my table to GM?

No. Just go directly to your assigned table at least 15 minutes prior to the slot start time. Anytime after that the marshal may send players to your table and if you are not there, they will report back to the marshal your absence. This will result in you being recorded as a no-show and jeopardize your volunteer status.

My players need pregens. Where do I get them?

The information desk has binders containing all the pregenerated characters. You will be provided a “library card” with your volunteer materials. If you need pregens, send a player with your card to the info desk to check out a binder. You are required to collect all pregens and return the binder at the conclusion of the game. Please do not leave the ballroom with the pregen binders.

Will maps and miniatures be provided for my games?

Generally, no. Each GM is responsible for providing all necessary materials to run their table including scenario, maps, miniatures, handouts, accessories, dice, writing instruments, etc. Any exceptions to this must be approved by the Organizing Committee and will be expressed directly to the individual GM. HQ will provide chronicle sheets and reporting sheets. The latter must be completed legibly and turned in to HQ at the completion of your game. Always take a picture of your completed reporting sheet before submitting it, just in case it is lost or the data is entered incorrectly. Having the picture will make it easy to submit to the Organizing Committee after the convention if corrections are necessary.

I left my scenario (or other printed materials) in my hotel room. Can I just get a copy from HQ?

Unfortunately, no. HQ does not have the space to store copies of all the documents a GM may require. We have a printer, but at any given time there is a list of pending materials to be printed in support of the logistics of the show. Please take a few minutes and go back to your room to get the materials. If you need something printed, there is a print center on the first floor of the convention center as well as a business center in the hotel lobby.

Where do I pick up my volunteer convention badge?

Visit the Sagamore Ballroom on Wednesday between noon and 5pm. There will be a check-out line to pick up your convention badge, t-shirts, etc. Each volunteer is required to sign an agreement. This may occur when you pick up your badge or may be completed online at the OPF’s discretion. If you cannot get to the Sagamore Ballroom during this time, HQ will have your volunteer pack any time after 7am on Thursday.

Can I pick up my event tickets with my convention badge in the Sagamore Ballroom?

No, unfortunately HQ does not have access to your event tickets. They can either be shipped directly to your house (recommended) when you register or picked up at Will Call on site. Since the line can be long,
consider picking these up well in advance of your scheduled blocks.

I was scheduled to GM a game, but it was cancelled. Can I pack up my stuff and leave?

Maybe. Wait for HQ to call for GMs that do not have players. There may be some tasks that HQ needs help completing. Remember, you agreed to volunteer for that slot. If you are not needed for anything an HQ leader will release you. This will usually include a check-out process to ensure you do not lose credit for the slot.

I was scheduled to GM a game, but it was cancelled. Do I need generic tickets if I want to play?

No. Express your interest to play to the marshals and HQ leadership. They know where the open seats are and can get you to a table where you can play.

One of my players is arguing with me (or another player) about the rules. What do I do?

First, remain calm and respectful. If the rule in question can be looked up quickly, ask the player to show you the source. If not, or if you disagree with the player’s interpretation, remind them that game time is limited so it is not the best time to have a lengthy rules discussion. You are the GM. Make a decision and move on with the game. If the player/s continues to be argumentative notify HQ and we will assist you in getting the game back on track.

Will HQ have refreshments?

At some point during each slot, HQ will provide a bottle of water to the GM. If you do not need it, or would like an extra one, please let us know. Additionally, any GM/volunteer who is in need of water can get some from HQ at any time. We do recommend that you keep snacks (dried fruit, trail mix, granola, power bars, etc.) with you in case you get hungry during game slots or just need a boost. Avoid sugary candy and sodas. It might give you a quick burst of energy, but can increase the “crash” when it wears off. Vending machines are very limited in the area and most of the food vendors are quite a distance from the Sagamore Ballroom. Close enough to attend between slots, but too far away for a quick five-minute break.

Can I order maps, miniatures, books from Paizo and have them delivered to the Sagamore?

No, but Paizo does have a remote booth at the top of the escalator to the west of the Sagamore Ballroom that contains a limited supply of products, mostly focused on the newest releases, that may be convenient for you. Otherwise, all product must be purchased and/or collected at the main booth in the exhibit hall.

If I order Paizo products in advance, can I pick them up on Wednesday?

Again, unfortunately no. The main Paizo booth is located inside the exhibit hall and available Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 10am-6pm and Sunday 10am 4pm. Only the exhibitors have access to the hall on Wednesday. If you need materials to run your assigned events, it is best obtain them prior to Gen Con.

How many prize tokens does it take to win a prize?

One. Each prize token can be redeemed for a chance to win a prize and you earn a prize token for each ticketed, scheduled event in which you play or GM.

I have prize tokens left over from previous years or other local events. Can I redeem them at Gen Con?

No. The tokens are given out to reward players for participating in the event where they are issued. Past events had their own prize support where those tokens were valid. Playing or GMing ticketed events at Gen Con will earn you prize tokens associated with the current Gen Con that can be redeemed at the prize station for printed Paizo materials and other rewards.

Where are the restrooms?

The convention center has two sets of restrooms nearby the Sagamore Ballroom. First is the set almost directly across the hall (slightly south) outside the doors at the west end of the Sagamore Ballroom. The other set is outside the east doors of the Sagamore, but you will have to go around the corner to see them. We recommend you try and time your restroom breaks during slot times. Take a five-minute break at some point during the session. Since most people are gaming at that time, the restrooms are fairly empty. If you try to use them during the hour break between game slots, the traffic is much heavier and you may have to wait considerable time to use the facilities.

My preferred event is sold out. Can I get in with generic tickets?

It is possible though it depends on two factors. As events sell out, if we have the available volunteers, we may add more tables for some events. Also, if players with tickets do not show up to claim their seats we can seat players with generic tickets. There is generally no way to guarantee seating for generic tickets. Sometimes players return tickets during the convention so even if an event was sold out in advance, it is possible a few seats could become available on site. Check with Gen Con registration for updated availability.
Note: by convention rules we cannot accept generic tickets until ticketed players have had a chance to be seated. Once the start time for the game slot has passed, our HQ staff will begin to accept generic tickets on a first-come, first-serve basis for events that still have vacant seats. If you want to try and get in an event that is sold out, be sure to arrive early, as the line often starts forming at the end of the prior block.

Which special scenarios are being offered at Gen Con 2019?

We have three special events or “specials” occurring at Gen Con – two multi-table, interactive scenarios, and one pre-generated character event.
On Thursday (PM slot, 8pm) is PFS2 # 1-00: Title TBD, the start of our Pathfinder Society (2nd edition) campaign. It is strictly a pregenerated character event with level five characters being provided.
On Friday (PM slot, 8pm) is the Starfinder event SFS #2-00: Fate of the Scoured God for levels 1-12. This is the start of season two of our Starfinder campaign that launches at Origins in June and will be run there first. Pregenerated character will be available for levels 1, 4, and 8.
On Saturday (PM slot, 8pm) is the Pathfinder event PFS #10-98: Siege of Gallowspire for levels 5-16. This is the finale of our 1st edition campaign that started with Season Zero in 2008. Level seven pregenerated characters will be available for those who need one.

In past years there was a GM “huddle” prior to the start of the specials during which GMs can ask questions about the contents of the scenario. Will this occur again this year?

No, we will not have a meeting with the GMs prior to the start of any specials. However, we do have Slack™ set up for each of the specials where GMs can post their questions and requests for clarification directly to the developers and can discuss best practices for running their table. The developers will answer these as time permits. HQ intends to record all the Q&A into a document to be shared with the GMs for reference and for those who did not participate in the Slack channel discussions.