Volunteer Coordinators

Over 90,000 players and 17,000 active GMs participate in Paizo organized play activities. Events span the globe, occurring regularly in 44 countries on six of the seven continents. Players and GMs work together to plan local events, but even in our media-savvy times, connecting with other players proves a difficult task. Most often, the task of organizing events falls to a local person or team, volunteering their time and efforts to promote gaming in their communities.

To coordinate this pool of global volunteers, Paizo has teamed up with the Organized Play Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization created to help bring together gamers and to promote education through strategic games. Volunteers with the Organized Play Foundation choose which organized play program, in our case Paizo, and the scope of their activities, anything from a local game store to an entire country or continent, to provide regular gaming opportunities for gamers in each region.

Volunteers, collectively known as Venture-Officers, receive ranks based on their duties and geographical areas of responsibility. The top level of volunteers, Regional Venture-Coordinators, looks after geographical areas. Under them are Venture-Captains, responsible for countries, states, or metropolitan areas. Their right hands, the Venture-Lieutenants, assist in the area’s coordination efforts, sometimes belonging to the region and other times being assigned to a city or town. The lowest level, Venture-Agents, coordinate activities in one location, such as a game store, a school, a community center, or a military instillation.

Anyone may join the Organized Play Foundation as a volunteer. A list of recommended tasks and benefits for each level of Venture-Officer rank is located here. If you read the Venture-Officer descriptions and are interested in joining the team, email the Regional Venture-Officer responsible for your location.

Players looking for organized play activities in a particular area may either search the events listing at paizo.com/organizedplay/events or email the Regional Venture-Coordinator for the area of interest.

Organized Play Regional Venture-Coordinators