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Character options from the following books are available in Pathfinder Society. Your character has access to all common items from these books except as otherwise listed. Your character can gain access to Uncommon options or even rare options from a variety of sources, such as class abilities, Chronicle sheets, and boons. Some particularly thematic uncommon options are available to all characters; these are listed below.

To select an option from a book other than the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, you must own the source and bring it to the table. Your character must qualify for the option’s prerequisites, such as being high-enough level to select the option. Characters can purchase items of up to their level, or up to their level + 2 when they appear on a Chronicle sheet. For more on item purchases, see Purchasing Guidelines

Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Connections skill feat – not legal
Experienced Smuggler skill feat – Allows you to always Earn Income with the Underworld Lore with tasks of your level -1 (instead of the normal level -2).
Dwarves:  Dwarves have a clan dagger (for free) as part of their starting gear.  This change is retroactive.

Wayfinder – all Pathfinders have access.
Katana: Unconventional Weaponry can be used to access the katana

Pathfinder Bestiary

When a rules option from another book references the statistics for a common creature in the Bestiary, such as the riding horse that PCs can purchase in the Core Rulebook or the spell summon animal, all relevant common creatures from the Bestiary are available for play.

No uncommon options in this book are available to Pathfinder Society characters.


“Pathfinder Lore” and “Pathfinder Society Lore” should be treated as if they are two different names for the same skill. 

Additional Options 

While the site is under further development, additional options are currently being hosted on the Paizo Blog.  These rules can be found at the following link:

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0.09 – Clarified Pathfinder Lore / Pathfinder Society Lore
0.08 – Added additional options.

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