Convention Volunteer Information

Volunteers Needed:

Paizo Inc. requested the Organized Play Foundation solicit volunteers to assist with Pathfinder Society, Starfinder Society, Pathfinder Adventure Card Society and Pathfinder Society Academy at five events in 2020.   These include:

⊗  PaizoCon (Sea-Tac, WA) – May 22-25, 2020

Cancelled for 2020.

⊗  PaizoCon Online – May 26-31, 2020

GM registration via PaizoCon Online Warhorn.

⊗  UK Games Expo (Birmingham, UK) – May 29-31, 2020

Cancelled for 2020.

⊗  Origins Online – June 19-21, 2020

Information available after the Origin press release of 1 May.

⊗  Gen Con (Indianapolis, IN) – July 30 – August 2, 2020

Open now! Spaces available!

⊗  Origins (Columbus, OH) – October 7-11, 2020

Open now! Spaces available!

⊗  PAX Unplugged (Philadelphia, PA) – November 20-22, 2020

Available 2nd Quarter 2020!

To register, visit the Convention Volunteer Registration page.

Volunteer Support:

To aid volunteers, there is a volunteer discussion group on Slack™.  Join the Resources workspace via the link in this paragraph, then request access to a specific convention or scenario channel per pinned instruction posts.

In addition, the organizing committees are working on FAQs for their conventions. As we receive them, we will post them on this site. You can read them by following the links below:

⊗  PaizoCon (Sea-Tac, WA) 

⊗  PaizoCon Online

⊗  UK Games Expo (Birmingham, UK) 

⊗  Origins Online

⊗  Gen Con (Indianapolis, IN) – FAQ Page

⊗  Origins (Columbus, OH) 

⊗  PAX Unplugged (Philadelphia, PA) 

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