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There are two types of adventures written for the Pathfinder Society campaign.

Pathfinder Society Adventures

  • Pathfinder Society Quests: These are short adventures written for Pathfinder Society and intended to take about 1 hour to play.
  • Pathfinder Society Scenarios: These are the most common adventure type written for Pathfinder Society, and they typically take about 4–5 hours to complete.

Sanctioned Adventures

In addition to these, several of the other adventures Paizo produces have been sanctioned for society play.  All of these are published for a wider audience than the Pathfinder Society campaign, so such adventures often include a short, downloadable sanctioning document that details any special considerations for running the adventure for organized play, as well as Chronicles for the individual volumes.

Sanctioned adventures operate in Campaign Mode, which does not use Pathfinder Society rules. GMs set the rules on character creation and may freely modify the encounters and story.  Sanctioned adventures award a Chronicle which may be applied to Pathfinder Society characters as outlined in the sanctioning documents.  Sanctioning documents reside on a product’s description page at

  • Pathfinder Adventure Paths: Multi-volume campaigns representing dozens of game sessions to complete. Many Adventure Paths are sanctioned for use in the Pathfinder Society campaign.
  • Pathfinder Adventures: Stand-alone adventure books that take one or more sessions to complete. Many Adventures are sanctioned for use in the Pathfinder Society campaign.


Bounties are a special type of sanctioned adventure, designed to introduce new players to the game. These one hour adventures are also good for representing characters activities between Pathfinder missions. As such they have several special rules.

Bounties must be run with Pathfinder Characters or Pathfinder pregens of the appropriate level. Unlike other adventures, these adventures do not give downtime, or provide consumables.

  • Bounties: Short one-hour adventures aimed at  introducing new players to the game or representing what characters do in between Pathfinder missions. Bounties are sanctioned for use in the Pathfinder Society campaign. As a sanctioned adventure, bounties do not give down time.